Like a second home that offers a space to unwind. One minute walk from 1-B Exit of Osaka Municipal Subway Tanimachi Yonchome Station on Tanimachi Line and Chuo Line.


Hotel the Lutheran

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Response to prevent COVID-19 infection

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We are sincere grateful to your continued support.
Based on a basic policy of proper measure to prevent infection, we are working on below actions to protect all guests and employees’ safety environment.
Thank you for your understanding and corporation.

At the Hotel Entrance

-Request sanitizing for all guests
Hand sanitizer is now available at public space such as hotel entrance and lobby.
Please use them when you arrived at the hotel.


-Controlling check-in line
Please line up along the footprint when you are in check-in line.
-Checking health condition
Please kindly understand to ask your health condition, travel history to abroad, and request to fill up a health certificate.
We may ask for instructions to health center or support center after we’ve got your understanding.
If we could get your approval, we may decline to accept your hotel stay.
-Simplify a guidance
We use printed materials to simplify a hotel guidance.

Guest Rooms

-Ventilate rooms
To ventilate your room, air conditioner is available to use.

Public Area

-Elevator use restriction
We restrict an elevator capacity to prevent overcrowding.
Please use hand sanitizer before and after taking the elevator.


-Controlling check-out line
Please line up along the footprint when you are in check-out line as you checked in.

Other response to prevent COVID-19 infection

Hotel the Lutheran working on below actions to protect all guests and employees’ healthy environment.

-Installing partitions
To prevent droplet infection, we installed partitions at front desk.
Partitions are regularly sanitized.
-Sanitize guest rooms and hotel facility and equipment
We do additional cleaning; wipe-off and sanitize after usage every time.
<Object of facility and equipment>
Desk counter, a pen for the signature, a room key, elevator’s control panel, vending machines, and etc.
-Ventilate the facility

We ventilate the facility during cleaning the room.

  • We wear a face mask during a service.
  • We regularly use hand sanitizer
  • We do thorough employees’ health management; measuring body temperature and manage based on a health checking sheet.
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